Bob Bourg

Senior Vice President, Human Resources, St. Ann’s Community

St. Ann’s Community serves more than 3,000 people per year in the 500+ bed senior care centers in Rochester and LeRoy. With 1,200 employees and more than 2,000 volunteers, service is always at the center of Bourg’s attention. He worked with the St. Ann’s CEO to refresh the organization’s strategic framework, making sure People became its core.

In every initiative Bourg has put forth since taking on his role in HR, people have been at the forefront. He works tirelessly to ensure his team has a strong sense of empathy and understanding of what is happening with employees. He encourages leadership rounds where the HR team connects with employees, taking time to get to know them, their needs and pain points.

As a result, Bourg has implemented several programs that directly support employees as well as the organization’s bottom line by decreasing turnover and absenteeism. For example, he set up a summer camp program so employees had a safe and reliable place to bring their children during school breaks. This mitigated the worry for parents, while also allowing them to maintain the St. Ann’s high standards of care. The success of the summer camps spurred the creation of additional school break programs. Building on that success, Bourg is also implementing a low-cost diaper purchase program for employees with young children, and a school supply drive where employees can get necessary supplies at little to no cost.

Bourg also created the St. Ann’s Academy Group – an eight-month career development program that identifies high potential employees who can be groomed for leadership positions. To date, more than 100 employees have completed the Academy. In the five years since the program started, more than 20 participants have been promoted successfully into leadership roles, and retention rates are higher than the average rates across the organization.

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