2024 Cracking the Code on Healthcare Sponsors

These events are made possible by the generous leaders of our community.

If you interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact Linda Becker.

Architects of modernization, engineers of automation, and agents of business transformation.

See Healthcare Through the Lens of Possibility

Artisight’s Smart Hospital Platform is the future-ready infrastructure that automates tasks, optimizes processes, and simplifies communication — enabling your team to streamline clinical workflows and elevate care at the bedside.

Our “always-available” process improvement engineer provides precise, real-time, actionable data so you can solve countless other problems — without burdening your clinicians.

Shrink your workload, Save your workforce

You can’t afford to waste time with low-value work. Shield your staff from repetitive calls and messages, improve patient support and access to services, and stretch operational dollars with AI-powered assistants.

Life sciences industry solutions

Accelerate innovation and create personalized experiences for patients and providers with the Microsoft Cloud.

Recognized and respected as trusted partners to medical professionals, Mindware Connections delivers productivity improvements with personalized training for Dragon Medical One – Best in KLAS Speech Recognition software. Designed for Speed, Mobility and Accuracy with Personalized Vocabulary, Templates and Commands. We Make It Simple -incorporating all the benefits and power of Dragon into each user’s unique workflow.

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