2024 Cracking the Code on Healthcare Sponsors

These events are made possible by the generous leaders of our community.

If you interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact Linda Becker.

Architects of modernization, engineers of automation, and agents of business transformation.

Medical professional liability insurance policies built on 40+ years of New York-specific experience.


A Leader in Healthcare for Underserved Populations

For over 54 years, Monroe Plan for Medical Care, a not-for-profit health care services organization, has been focused on improving the health status of individuals and families who are recipients of government sponsored health insurance. Monroe Plan has consistently been recognized as a national leader in the “safety net” area, with a proven track record of improving health outcomes and reducing disparities.

MP CareSolutions now serves as an independent 3rd party conducting health equity impact assessments as required for public health facility certificate of need applications in NYS.


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