Consumer, Patient and Caregiver

Healthcare continues to move through a period of great change and every individual will utilize the system at some point in their lives. How they act and react to the system when they are a consumer, a patient, and/or a caregiver will likely be very different.

Course Overview

Presenter: Lawrence M. Becker
Director, Strategic Partnerships, Alliances
and Chairman, Plan Administration Committee
Xerox Corporation

In this course, Mr. Becker will present a series of concepts and thoughts for you to consider as you engage patients in different settings. He will lead you to think differently about how to communicate with an individual when they are considering care, receiving care, and when they will be a caregiver.

Time to view the course is 18 minutes.

Course Learning Objectives

In this course you will:

  • Be introduced to several questions that may help you understand what is on the mind of your patient
  • Reflect on whether you understand the health literacy of the patient you are diagnosing and treating
  • Be asked to consider how your patient reacts to what you are telling them—in different settings.

Time to complete the course is approximately 90 minutes.

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