Innovation Applications

Course Overview

Learn when and how to use the Innovation Tools and Methodologies to address specific types of challenges. This 4-module course shows you how to improve productivity, simplify processes, and improve your business results without major capital investments.

This course consists of 4 modules.

Module 1 – Cut the Scrap

Presenters: Adi Reches and Alon Harris
Systematic Inventive Thinking

Using the tools and methods can uncover opportunities to reduce costs, improve cycle times in ways that are complementary to Lean Manufacturing, Kaizen, and Six Sigma productivity methodologies.

Time to view this module: 28 minutes

Module 2 – So what’s the value for you?  Attribute Value Mapping

Presenters: Iris Leinwand and Grant Harris
Systematic Inventive Thinking

Discover the power of asking “So What?” to shift the focus from the features of your products and services to the benefits or value your customers receive. By focusing on the value, you can sharpen your product development, marketing strategy, and communications.

Time to view this module: 39 minutes

Module 3 – Business Model Innovation

Presenters: Karen Shemer and Adi Reches
Systematic Inventive Thinking

New technologies are enabling entirely new ways of going to market – Amazon, Groupon, Quirky, and others are showing the way. How can you create a sustainable business model based on value instead of volume? Use the Innovation method to break fixedness around your operations, your value proposition, and your operating margin formula.

Time to view this module: 29 minutes

Module 4 — Innovating at the Bottom of the Pyramid

Presenters: Erez Tsalik and Grant Harris
Systematic Inventive Thinking

Are you overlooking a $5 trillion underserved market with unmet needs? This module shows you how organizations are using Innovation methods to adapt their products and services to meet those needs.

Time to view this module: 33 minutes

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how to use Innovation tools to improve productivity and reduce costs
  • Create value maps that link product or service attributes with customer benefits; ideal for new product and service development, as well as marketing and communications challenges
  • Apply Innovation methods to discover opportunities create new Business Models
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