Healthcare Case Studies

Course Overview

See real-world examples of the SIT method in action. These four case studies show you how organizations have used SIT tools to increase production capacity, reduce antibiotic abuse; create new and differentiated products; and establish an ongoing culture of innovation.

This course consists of 4 modules.

Module 1 -- Maccabi Healthcare Services

Video Case Study

SIT partnered with an HMO to address the issue of overprescribing of antibiotics. They didn’t reduce the number of prescriptions written. They used attribute dependency to reduce the number of antibiotic prescriptions that got filled. See how they did it.

Module 2 -- TEVA Pharmaceutical

Presenter: Shlomit Tassa

See how this pharma company increased production capacity 50% to capture a timely market opportunity…with a little help from SIT and without new capital investment.

Module 3 -- Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashmer

Presenter: Shlomit Tassa

This organization created a culture of innovation using the SIT Three Pillars Model — Results, Skills, and Structure — to ensure that it had a process for developing future leaders in healthcare; for the betterment of their organization; and the betterment of society.

Module 4 — New Thought for Food (No longer offered)

Downloadable pdf

This article provides a great overview of the SIT methodology – its origins, principles, tools, and applications. See how the food industry satisfies its appetite for innovation in a number of cited examples.

Time to complete this reading is 18 minutes.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how SIT tools and methods are used in the real world to solve problems and provide measurable business results.
  • Learn how organizations are building cultures of innovation
  • Understand the origins of SIT and see examples of organizations using the tools and methods to deliver ongoing and sustainable innovative ideas
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