Building a Foundation and Culture of Innovation

When faced with a steady stream of disruptive change, organizations have to be able to problem-solve and think creatively to come up with new solutions. This course shows you how to “think inside the box” and build a culture of innovation using your existing resources. You’ll learn disciplined approaches that will harness and unleash the creativity of your people.

Course Overview

In this 4-module course, you will learn the philosophy, strategies, and tools required to create a culture of Innovation. The course includes a description of the organizational structure, skills, and commitment required to support ongoing innovation and drive sustainable, measurable results. And concludes with a module on breaking cognitive fixedness that will open your mind to new problem-solving possibilities.

Module 1 – What is Innovation?

Presenter:  Alon Harris
Systematic Inventive Thinking
Explore the concepts of Innovation, look at different approaches to how people innovate and determine their effectiveness. 
Time to view this module: 17 minutes

Module 2 – Innovation - The Method

Presenter: Alon Harris
Systematic Inventive Thinking
Learn the philosophy of Innovation and the methodology behind this proven approach. 
Time to view this module: 17 minutes

Module 3 – Creating a Culture of Innovation - 
3 Pillars: Structures, Skills, and Achieving Sustainable Results

Presenter: Alon Harris
Systematic Inventive Thinking
Identify the major barriers to innovative thinking and understand how to remove these barriers and build a structure and means for making innovation an organizational asset. 
Time to view this module: 8 minutes

Module 4 – Cognitive Fixedness

Presenters: Alon Harris and Shlomit Tassa
Systematic Inventive Thinking
In a closed world with finite resources, the key to inventive thinking is breaking down cognitive fixedness – functional, structural, and relational. Removing fixedness helps to unlock the creative potential of your organization.
Time to view this module: 37 minutes

Course Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of the course, you will:

  • Know a useful definition of, and understand the current concepts of Innovation.
  • Compare different approaches to Innovation and their effectiveness.
  • Learn the structure and function of this Innovation methodology and the philosophy behind it.
  • Understand and overcome cognitive fixedness – structural, functional, and relational – and unlock the creative problem-solving potential of your people.
  • Learn how this approach works in practice and the crucial elements behind its success.

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