Communicating Effectively

Collaboration and cooperation across different disciplines are essential in the New Business of Healthcare. As healthcare providers align in new Patient-Centered and Accountable Care models, there will be a greater need for effective communications. In this course, you will learn how to distinguish different communication styles and deliver information in the most effective manner.

Course Overview

This course provides a practical overview of one of the most important aspects of healthcare – communications with individuals, teams, physicians, nurses, practitioners, families, and patients. You will learn how to determine different communication styles – your own and those around you – and their impacts in different communication situations.  The course will provide valuable insight about how to act and react in situations when you are the sender and/or receiver of communications.   And you will learn the necessary skills to ensure that your message will be heard as intended.

The course also includes valuable information about one of the most costly communication vehicles used in every industry today – business meetings.  In the How to Run an Effective Meeting module you will learn important skills on how to prepare for and conduct an effective meeting.

Module 1 - The Platinum Rule

Presenter – Nessa Kiely
Employee Relations Associates

In this module, you will learn the different communication styles and their impacts in different communication situations.
Time to view this module is 28 minutes.

Module 2 – Communication Traps

Presenter – Nessa Kiely
Employee Relations Associates

In this module, you will learn how to use different communication styles to your benefit and how to avoid conflict when interacting with others who have different styles

Time to view this module is 30 minutes.

Module 3 – How to Run an Effective Meeting

Presenter – Lawrence M. Becker

Xerox CorporationThis module will provide you with a fundamental understanding of how effective meetings are planned for and conducted.

Time to view this module is 14 minutes.

Course Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the course you will:

  • Be familiar with the four basic communication styles, and the strengths and traps of each
  • Discover your own communication style and how to modulate for improved productivity
  • Be able to predict and mitigate the built-in stressors when working with styles other than your own
  • Learn about the typical communication traps we all fall into
  • Learn how to mitigate the effects of communication traps and eventually avoid them
  • Know which traps particularly entice each of the four Platinum Rule styles
  • Become familiar with what it takes to prepare for an effective meeting
  • Understand the basic elements that lead to conducting a successful meeting
  • Be introduced to some of the basic meeting skills and meeting participant roles
  • Learn better ways to communicate for enhanced relationships, interactions and productivity.

Time to Complete this 3 module course is approximately 167 minutes.

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