Lessons Learned in the Evolving World of Compliance: Before I was a Compliance Officer…

Course Overview

Presenter: Jim Sheehan
Executive Deputy Commissioner/Chief Integrity Officer, New York City Human Resources Administration

In this course, Jim Sheehan shares 10 things he thought he knew before he became a compliance officer.  Drawing on years of experience as a prosecutor and enforcer of regulations, one of the ‘good guys’; Jim presents 10 insights about compliance issues in today’s healthcare environment.  Jim introduces each of the 10, reviews what the regulations say and then gives his thoughts on what he used to think; and what he has since learned about each of them.  The 10 cover everything from Hot Line Complaints to Risk Management.

The course is divided into two parts.
Time to view Part 1 is 26:11.
Time to view Part 2 is 28:14.

Course Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, the learner will understand the role of the compliance officer relative to:

  • Hotline complaints
  • General counsel relationships
  • Getting people to follow the rules
  • Government regulations
  • Issue resolution processes and the law
  • Their role and the roles of others when it comes to compliance
  • What happens when a significant compliance problem arises
  • The effect of an investigation of settlement on an organization
  • Risk management and compliance
  • The hierarchy of compliance risks – Internal and external

Time to complete the course is approximately 85 minutes.

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