HIPAA Privacy and Security Audits Are Here: Are You Ready?

Course Overview

Presenter: Carl Cadregari, CISA
Executive Vice President
The Bonadio Group

No one wants to go through the pain of an audit, so it’s critically important to understand why audits happen and how to be ready for the possibility, so your organization can respond quickly and appropriately if the need arises.   In Part 1 of this course, Carl Cadregari presents an overview of HIPAA, Security, and HiTech rules as well as issues related to compliance with these regulations.  In Part 2, he specifically addresses audits: why they occur and what you can do to be ready for them.   The “Top Five Areas to Be Aware of” explains what to expect if you are audited and how best to respond.  The “Top Ten Items to Do” section explains in detail how to be prepared for the possibility of an audit, and what action items your organization should check off its list to assure that you are in compliance with all security and privacy regulations in order to avoid security breaches and the ensuing fines.

Time to view Part 1 of the course is 27 minutes.
Time to view Part 2 of the course is 22 minutes.

Course Learning Objectives

After completing this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Identify important elements of the top three compliance rules
  • List safeguards to protect the security of private information
  • Identify the top five areas to be aware of with respect to audits
  • Understand the top ten items that need to be done to prepare for an audit

Time to complete the course is approximately 80 minutes.

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