The Next Decade in Primary Healthcare: New Care Models, New Technology, New Connections

Healthcare has always been about the patient. In today’s world of reform, understanding the needs of the patient as a customer of the healthcare system is becoming increasingly important. With patients paying a larger portion of the costs, they will become more demanding with higher expectations for care choices, delivery, and cost.

Course Overview

Presenter: Michael S. Barr, MD, MBA, FACP
Senior Vice-President
Division of Medical Practice
American College of Physicians
What happens when you put the well-being of the patient at the center of everything you do? Better care at lower costs. This course provides a comprehensive overview of the projected direction for patient care over the next 10 years. Throughout the course, you will learn what changes are ahead for primary care, explore the latest care models and technologies, and how all of these, when ‘connected’ with clinicians, will dramatically impact how care is delivered.

The course is divided into 3 parts.

Part 1 – Driving Forces

In Part 1, Dr. Barr discusses the driving forces affecting the next decade in primary care and helps you to understand:

  • Why do we need to change
  • What are the key issues
  • What are the new care models
  • What should physicians, patients, and families do to prepare

Time to view Part 1 is 13 minutes.

Part 2 – Strategies and Tactics

In Part 2, Dr. Barr presents the latest strategies and tactics you should consider to respond to:

  • The needs of the communities
  • The needs of the populations we serve
  • New models of care

Time to view Part 2 is 26 minutes.

Part 3 – Organizing for the Future

In Part 3, Dr. Barr presents the attributes within a service organization that must be considered to reach a peak level of service:

  • Personnel/training/competence
  • Organization/Infrastructure
  • Workflows
  • Technology

Time to view Part 3 is 18 minutes.

Course Learning Objectives

In this course you will:

  • Understand the driving forces affecting the next decade in primary care.
  • Identify and differentiate the new care models
  • Determine the key attributes of each new care model
  • Articulate the latest strategies and tactics enabling positive change
  • List the key attributes driving successful service organizations

Time to complete the 3 part course is approximately 57 minutes.

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