The Large Employer’s Perspective on Healthcare

With so much riding on the health and well-being of their employees and so much money invested in their healthcare benefits programs, large employers have serious skin in the game. David Lansky, CEO of Pacific Business Group on Health, shares his insights on what large employers are doing to get full value from their healthcare benefit programs.

Course Overview

Presenter: David Lansky, PhD
Pacific Business Group on Health (PBGH)
In this course, Mr. Lansky provides a fundamental understanding of what large employers think about the health care system and what they want the delivery system to provide to their employees to improve the value of their health care.

Time to view this course is 20 minutes.

Course Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the course you will understand:

  • The large employers’ overall perspective on the health care system
  • The challenges and opportunities employers perceive in health care today
  • What employers want the delivery system to offer their covered employees and dependents
  • The strategies employers are currently using to help the delivery system meet their needs, opportunities for collaboration, and innovative approaches to improve overall employee health.

Time to complete the course is approximately 65 minutes.

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