Mergers and Affiliations

Course Overview

Presenter: Virginia Tyler, FACHE
The Camden Group

The trend in merger activity is impossible to miss. Given the continued pressures of healthcare reform and economic realities, you simply cannot afford to sit on the sidelines as your competitors consolidate and align with each other.

Seeking an affiliation is perhaps the most important (and potentially irreversible) strategic decision that you will make. It is a decision that must be driven by guiding principles for your organization’s future and founded on a realistic assessment of existing circumstances and evaluation of the prospects for a successful transition to fee-for-value reimbursement and population health management.

This course will look at mergers and affiliations from complex, multiple-entity joint venture transactions to straightforward single entity acquisitions and divestitures. It will include senior and subordinated debt financing, as well as private equity capital investments.

This course has two parts.  Time to view part 1 is 29 minutes. Time to view part 2 is 44 minutes.

Course Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this module the learner will:

  • Understand the external pressures facing healthcare institutions and their relationship to affiliation models
  • Understand the drivers behind the accelerating need to build post-reform institutional readiness
  • As widespread changes continue to occur, you will review and understand how hospital and healthcare systems across the US are evaluating their strategic options
  • Review a strategic assessment framework, a set of evaluation criteria, some affiliation options, common roadblocks, and the roles of different types of team members and advisors play in an affiliation.

Time to complete the course is approximately 120 minutes.

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