Health Insurance Marketplaces – A Progress Report

Health insurance is one of the most hotly debated issues in American healthcare policy right now.  This course provides an overview of how healthcare is paid for, and why the system is so complicated.  The course will provide basic knowledge of the various governmental and commercial insurance types, and discusses how those programs are evolving.

Course Overview

Presenter: Marge Mercury, RN, MS, CMCE
Senior Manager
The Camden Group

In this course, Ms. Mercury will look at how care providers, health plans and purchasers of health plans are changing with the passage of the Affordable Care Act.  The course will explore the new world of Exchanges and health plan marketplaces.  It will present the new requirements and responsibilities for health plan providers and the varying degrees of state and federal responsibilities. It will review where states are with implementing Exchanges and take you through the latest marketplace updates.  It will review Medicaid impacts, 10 expected outcomes mandated for the Exchanges, what the benefits are for the purchasers of these plans, give a short review of eligibility requirements and tax subsidies, present marketing initiatives and success measures and, lastly, share a number of key questions that must be considered.

Time to view the course is 40 minutes.

Course Learning Objectives

In this course you will:

  • Understand the role of government in health plans and Exchanges.
  • Understand the new requirements and benefits for individuals purchasing health plans.
  • Understand the new requirements and responsibilities for organizations creating and marketing health plans.
  • Understand the current status of implementing Exchanges throughout the United States
  • Understand the education and outreach that will be available to assist consumers.
  • Understand the impacts on Medicaid and Medicaid recipients.
  • Understand the key questions that need to be considered by health plan providers and purchasers.

Time to complete this course is 60 minutes.

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