Keynote Speaker, Performance & Wellbeing Culture Strategist, Mental Health Advocate & Self-Care Expert, Author & Founder of Path for Life®

Jeanette Bronée is a global keynote and 2 time TEDx speaker, who focuses on rethinking self-care to access our human potential and fuel performance, leadership and culture from the inside out. She shows leaders how to create a wellbeing culture as the foundation for sustainable personal and professional success. As a mindset coach and certified mindfulness and mind-body health practitioner she shows her audience how to redefine resilience by using The Self-Care Mindset® to harness change by becoming more aware, adaptable and agile.

After both her parents died of cancer just one year apart and a doctor told her it was only a matter of when she would get cancer, too, she quit her high stress job as a burned out fashion executive and founded Path for Life® in 2004 with the goal of creating awareness around preventing burnout in the work-place and giving people the tools to achieve better work/life quality.

For the past 18 years, she has coached leaders to take better care of themselves, so they can be both healthy and busy, and lead their teams to work better together. 

Her focus on cultivating a wellbeing culture through Care-Driven Leadership™ helps companies build a Culture of Care® where people belong and work better together.

Born in Denmark, she holds a master’s degree in business development and marketing and has been leading teams to growth through engagement and harnessing innovation. In the retail industry she has developed and facilitated training programs to align culture strategy with brand story and her deep passion is for everyone to have the tools to access their inner resources and reconnect with their inner fuel to harness performance without burnout.

She holds certifications as an Integrative Nutrition and Meta-Health® coach, Felt Sense Focusing Trainer, Certified Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher and Ericksonian Hypno-Therapist. (Don’t worry she doesn’t do tricks.)

When she is not working to help people and companies change the way they think so they can connect, communicate and collaborate better together, she lives in the Catskill Mountains with her dog Maya. This is where you can find her riding her motorcycle in the summer or skiing in the winter. She is always curious about how we can cultivate more healthy communities, especially at work, so that everyone can grow and thrive. She is in the process of writing her next book about how self-care is a tool we can all learn to use and build a better culture together.

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