2020 Healthcare Business Academy Fellowship Program

The future of any community is directly linked to the quality of its leadership, the health of its economy and its people. The commitment of dedicated, educated, and motivated leaders can make a measurable impact on quality, cost, and access to healthcare. But how can you get the right people in your community all focused on this vital mission? How can you give them the knowledge, tools, and a path forward to a common goal?

Introducing, NorthStar Network’s 2020 Healthcare Business Academy (HBA) Fellowship Program. This year-long intensive leadership development program integrates monthly workshops, on-line learning, self-assessments, and engaging discussions with national and local thought leaders and healthcare industry experts.

Registration for the 2020 HBA Fellowship Program is now closed. For information regarding the 2021 Fellowship Program:

Program Benefits

At the conclusion of the program, participants will:

  • Inspire Change – Be a leader that can inspire and hardwire cultural changes and develop the adaptive skills that are needed in an evolving industry.
  • Make Sound Business Decisions – Improve their Healthcare Business Acumen and be able to make sound business decisions relating to strategy, people, programs, finance.
  • Develop and Implement Accepted Strategies – Understand the linkage between strategy and execution and have the leadership and communication skills to mobilize people to a common goal.
  • Improve Critical Thinking and Collaboration – Building relationships across the healthcare value chain creates an environment where our leaders do not have to have all the answers, but have access to the local and national experts that do.
  • Increase Healthcare Knowledge and Skills – Have the knowledge and skills to build a patient-centered community health system and lead an organization.
  • Manage Human Capital – Acquire skills and knowledge to better manage human capital and improve job and patient satisfaction, productivity and motivation resulting in reduced turnover. Understand the business case for diversity and have the knowledge to care for and employ a diverse population that represents the community we serve.

Unique Program Attributes

  • Healthcare specific leadership development
  • Participants are community-based, cross stakeholders, cross-functional leaders
  • Relationships extend critical thinking and become the foundation for continued community exploration
  • Intersections of on-line learning, workshops, self-assessments, and applied knowledge

Each day will include:

  • Time for reflection, relationship building, and networking
  • National Speakers that facilitate workshops and discussions on the themes of the day
  • Local Speakers to share insights on the Rochester market and the impact of healthcare changes to our community
  • Tours of local healthcare facilities
  • In-session workgroup activities

NorthStar Network is honored to partner with these sponsoring organizations:

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