Reading and Interpreting Statements

Successful healthcare leaders and board members need to understand and closely manage the organizations’ financials. In this course consisting of 4 modules, the viewer will learn the different types of Financial Statements and understand how to read and interpret them to measure the results of the organizations’ business activities.

Course Overview

Presenter: Gerald J. Archibald, CPA
The Bonadio Group

The course consists of 4 modules

Module 1 - Introduction and Cashflow Statements

Understanding the cash flow statement will help you understand the impact of the organizations operating, investing, and financial activities on cash flow.

Time to view this module is 26 minutes.

Module 2 - Balance Sheets

Module 2 will help the viewer understand the importance of the balance sheet as a snapshot of the investing and finance activities of the organization as of a moment in time.

Time to view this module is 14 minutes.

Module 3 – Statements of Activities

Module 3 will help the viewer understand the organization’s revenues and expenses for a period of time and the changes to the organization’s net assets.

Time to view this module is 12 minutes.

Module 4 – Statements of Functional Expenses

Module 4 will help the viewer understand how to review the organization’s expenses by their function and type of expense.

Time to view this module is 9 minutes.

Course Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of all 4 modules the learner will be able to:

  • Describe the purpose and meaning of financial statements
  • Understand the basic economic and operating factors that influence the financial success of a business
  • Understand the key concepts necessary to interpret financial statements
  • Articulate the key questions necessary to gain an understanding of financial statements

Time to complete this course is approximately 122 minutes.

Course Fee: $249

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